About me

When doctors don’t know what’s wrong with you, passivity is never the next action.

After being bounced around between specialists, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis before I started grad school and have been dealing with symptoms and autoimmune flares*, along with the development of new food allergies (to foods with which I was previously fine), for the past few years. After starting the conventional treatment for the condition, my blood tests became “normalized”, so specialists refused to see me despite continuing symptoms.

Refusing to take passivity & resignation for an answer for a “disease with no cure” from my endocrinologist, I did lots of research and found online Autoimmune communities. Following their advice, I went gluten free in Spring 2016, followed the AIP diet, and have since been trying to bring my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis into remission and prevent new food allergies from developing. I love doing extensive medical research and discovering new foods. (Hooray for academic library access!) Currently, I’ve been studying the following areas: herbal & natural medicine, homeopathic blends/organotherapy (Dr. Reckeweg remedies), immunotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, emotional healing, energy frequency-related therapies, TCM, tongue mapping, and other healing arts to understand the big ‘health’ picture. ✨

My vision is to further research in this field with personal experiences, educate others and spread chronic illness awareness to reduce stigma and ignorance, share my discoveries with fellow autoimmune disease fighters, and encourage others along their healing journeys!

I’m currently reintroducing old foods each week into my diet and paying attention to which foods I can tolerate.

At the start of my journey, I avoided the following foods (as a result of a combination of a few different diets):

– Gluten (found in wheat, barley, rye, and products containing these foods)
– Soy
– Dairy
– Corn
– Eggs
– Nightshades, nuts and seeds
– Acidic/spicy foods
– GMO products & processed foods
– Foods high in histamine levels
– Fermented foods, fungi
– Sugar
– Personal food allergies/intolerances

(I must be fun at parties, I know.)
Needless to say, this is why I eat at restaurants less nowadays.

It’s been difficult, especially with an extremely limited diet I’ve been rotating to prevent new food allergies. PLUS I’m sensitive to coconut, one of the most common ingredients in AIP/paleo/vegan dishes and pre-made snacks (which is also super antimicrobial and in most soaps) — and I avoid nickel too. But. I’m learning a lot about nutrition & health along the way — and I’m seeing progress!


I discovered the “root cause(s)” of my symptoms in spring 2017 and have been addressing them. I’m on my way to remission and super thankful for what I’ve learned and gain throughout my healing journey!