Autoimmune Disease Tips

Tips for Those with Autoimmune Disease

  • Too busy to cook? Bone broth can be purchased via online delivery services, many health stores and trendy restaurants (message me for store locations & suppliers in Ontario)
  • BUT test to see you don’t have a histamine intolerance! Certain healing foods like bone broth, fermented foods, kefir, not-so-fresh meat, etc. may be high in histamine
  • Gelatin is great, but Jell-O is processed and full of harmful chemicals, so make gelatin from scratch
  • Connect with others! The AIP community is friendly. You’ll find people like you if you join AIP or disease-specific groups on Facebook, or delicious recipes under the #aip hashtags on Instagram

Check back soon for more tips!
Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. All advice is based on common knowledge or anecdotal experience. Consult your doctor before making big health-affecting decisions.